Movie HD APK | Download App on Android(Latest Version) 2019

Movie HD APK is the most entertaining app installation file that has been developed to one of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems; Android. Also, the Android Movie HD APK works well through an emulator with the Windows operating system. This isn’t just another entertainment application. The application is very similar to the CyberFlix android application.

movie hd apk

Movie HD Apk – Introduction

 The idea of this application is to provide the ultimate entertainment for its users with high-definition quality Content. No wonder, because of its unique and impressive features, this app has become a global trend. The introduction of the mobile application has generally marginalized conventional television’s role. You don’t have to watch your favorites anymore by sitting in one location. Even you’re traveling now; you can do it. All of this thanks to apps such as this.

Movie HD Apk Latest Version for Android 2019


Features of MHD APK

No Cost

This is an entirely free-to-use application that also had no hidden can watch anything uninterruptedly.


The user interface is easy to navigate. You can search by genre, year of release, IMDB Rating, and multiple other filters for your favorite titles.


This app support for subtitles within is available within the system.

High Quality

You can trust that This app will not compromise the quality of the video.Even in low-speed connections


It has a user interface that is really simple to use and minimalist. Using the app on your phone is a delight as it is easy and fluid to use and watch content on.

Offline Support

You can even download your favorite titles for offline viewing to the local storage.

Large Content Library

This app also has a huge variety of High quality content shows that you can watch on the go.

Supported Platforms​

On any Android smartphone and even a PC, you can install the app. In addition, using it on Firestick TV and Android Box. It’s produced for multiusage.


This application allows you to find 3d content easily.



Movie HD APK– Installation Prerequisites

  • You need an Android smartphone with the recent Android OS primarily.
  • At least 2 GB of RAM for smooth MHD content playback.
  • Good connection to the Internet is needed.

Install on Android [STEPS] [No Root] Easy way

 Using the this app is very easy. All things you need are listed bellow.

  1. Downloading and Installing app

Follow our step by step guide to geting the  app and install it as instructions from our download chapter.

  1. Open

Open App from the app drawer when you complete the correct installation of the HD app.

  1. Download AMPlayer

HD developers are also developing this app. 

  1. Play

Now you can open the application. It’s so easy to use the app. Also, we have easy step by step guide bellow. On how to install This application. Please follow the instructions below.

Latest Step by Step Guide 2019: Install apk on Android

  1. Go to Settings>Security on your android device

  1. Enable “Unknown Sources” You may get a Note, click “Ok.”

Enable “Unknown Sources”

  1. Download the HD Apk File from the above link and click it.
  1. On the next screen, you will see a button as “Install”. Press on it. After the “Installing” screen, click “Done.”

Movie hd apk

  1. Select the app or open it from menu.
  1. When you select a content, you like and play it will ask to install AMPlayer. It will give you the option of a local server or play store. You can choose the one that is easy for you.

AMplayer apk install

  1.  Now you are all done and completed the installation . Now you can enjoy latest content.


movie hd apk install done


If you want to learn how to install this in IOS  we have separate page.


How to use this app

How to use the app Offline?

  1. Browse the Content that you want from the app and like to download.
  2. Goto the “Videos” tab.
  3. After that, select the content Quality you want and play.
  4. Press the Download button located at the top right corner.

How to use on Chromecast?

  1. From the Google Play store, download either Allcast or Local cast.
  2. In the app Download Content that you want to cast.
  3. Open Allcast or Local cast after download.
  4. Choose the content you downloaded.
  5. Now Begins! Enjoy.

How to Download content to your device?

  1. Select a Content .Click the tab called “Videos.”
  2. Chose the quality and let it play.
  3. In the top right corner of app click the Download button.

How to create a Favorites?

  1. Choose the content you want to add to list.
  2. At the top right corner,you can see Star icon. press it.
  3. Now it’s going to be created your list of favorites.

Why Movie HD APK – the Best Among Others?

  • This application can be the end of your journey to find a better app for seeing Movie HD app online. No need to search further for such applications
  • This Android app is the world’s only software that enables consumers to access high-quality content even with a slower internet connection.
  • Also, Without slowing down your entertaining experience, the app offers a vast collection.
  • This apk is safe and secure 100 %. Above all, it doesn’t disrupt your experience by showing ads while using.
  • However, if you decide to stay at home and wait for the content to be released on official applications such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, you will have to wait a long time.
  • So the best solution. Fortunately, downloading app is completely free and compatible with virtually any device. Android, PC, and Firestick included. We have a separate Firestick installation guide.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Movie hd App SAFE?

As we have specified, users will not be faced with any bad experience with the application. The owners just want to tacking the pirates than the customers on the off chance that such circumstances exist. In this way, the application can be consistently appreciated as it is very safe to use. 

Other that that fact that this app is protected because it is used by a large number of people everywhere who have not faced up to today a solitary problem.

Is using Move hd illegal?

This issue is the application’s most frequently asked user query. The app developers source the content from different servers.

Users will not get into any trouble, however, and can appreciate the app without worrying about the outcome. 

Final Words

In the field of associated apps, This APK has resisted the huge quantity of competition. Emerging as one of Android’s most popular applications, Movie HD has become one of the must-have applications on Android smartphones, even though it is not available on the official Play Store.

If you’re seeking for the best alternative to this HD App, we’re going to post another one. Please comment if you need any assistance. Thanks If there is any questions, please visit our FAQ section or contact us. Also, you can find alternatives to this app.

Note: Only comprehensive tutorials on Android apps are available. We’re not hosting any APK files. We also have no copyright in respect of the logo and trademark released here.
In addition, hd APK is not claimed as our copyright material. It’s its owner’s property.

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