Movie HD FireStick (Latest Version) 2019

Install HD on FireStick


movie hd firestick

You will learn how to install the Movie HD APK on FireStick in this page. MHD is an entertainment app on request for content

By this moment, you are already aware of a reasonable possibility that Terrarium TV will no longer be officially accessible. You can use Terrarium TV’s patched version, but the new content will never be updated.

But not everything is lost. I was looking for excellent solutions to Terrarium TV and found a lot of feasible options.


Latest HD delivers a broad range of films and television shows. It’s a lightweight operating system that’s straightforward to use on the FireStick. Furthermore, as an alternative for Terrarium TV, I thought I was able to give it a chance.

The app is not fully compatible with the FireStick remote control. However, you will have a pleasant experience if you use this as the Mouse Toggle. Let’s see how the Newest content can be installed on FireStick.

Before installing any app outside the Amazon Store on FireStick, you need to allow Unknown Sources for apps. Please follow the following steps in order to allow the unknown sources.

Install Movie HD on FireStick (Step by Step)

01. Select the settings from the home screen and then go to the device



02. Go to developer options.

developer options

03. Turn on the unknown sources option. By default, this is set to off. But you need to change it to ”on” if you want to install third-party application. Ignore any warning you receive during this process.

unknown sources

unknown sources turn on


04. As the next step, you will need to download the downloader app from the amazon app store. You need the downloader app if you want to download and side-load the app. Firestick device doesn’t allow you to download apk files directly from a browser.

05. After installing the downloade apps, you need to open it from the home screen. This is what this application’s main screen appears like.

downloader app

06. You need to type the exact url that you can see below into the field. Then press go.

shorturl. at/hIUY9


firestick d link

07. Downloading process will start immediately.


08. After download completed, press Install to begin the installing process.

installing process

09. After finishing the installation process, you get notified by the message show ” App installed”. There you will find two options. “Done” and “Open”. As the name suggests, “Open” will open the app. But here click “Done”. It will take you to the delete option of the downloaded app.


Why do you need to delete the APK file? Therefore the app was installed and you will no longer need the downloaded APK file.


10. When it comes to this screen, press delete.


11. You may need to click the delete option again like the below image.

delete again

Now you have successfully installed the HD application on your firestick device.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ section.